Rising Star Child Care and Learning Center
1405 N. Wasilla Fishhook
Wasilla, AK 99654

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We love our families, and our families love us. Read what they have to say!


Consistincy. That's what Nicole told me when I first started bringing my daughter to rising star. Before Cynthia was 2 1/2 she could count to 12. Knew her colors. Animals. And was almost fully potty trained. I've watched the staff interact with her on a level she can understand. Her level. There not babysitters, there teachers. I'm very thankfull that there's not a bunch of 16 year olds watching my child. I'm also very thankfull that the staff is all pretty much the same within the amount of time Cynthia has been attending there. I'll be frank, in this day and age I don't trust just anyone to watch my kid. And I will have you know that in the past I have decided not to move to anchorage just because of the trust I have with these people watching over my treasure. I love that I have AWSOME comunication with Cynthias teacher. When i come there i feel very comfortable and able to be real, and so does Cynthia. So if I could sum up rising star in 1 sentence; I didn't just fall in love with the routine, achademics and staff, my daughter did too.


We used this daycare for 6 years. They provide a wonderful education for the children as well as build strong bonds and relationships with them. My children loved attending and still love the providers.
The new Rising Star Child Care building is awesome!  Everything is new, clean and organized. I love how every room has its own bathroom with tiny little toilets and a sink.  My son goes here and loves it!  Every morning he is excited to see his teacher and shes excited to see him.  They truly care about the children.  I have shown up at different times of the day to pick him up or to check up on him and I have never witnessed dirty bathrooms or kids going crazy or teachers yelling at the children.  Every time it has been clean, smells clean, the kids are under control and playing or doing projects nicely.  There has been many times that I have caught the teachers sanitizing toys and floors.  If you are looking for a good daycare I would highly recommend you checking them out for yourself!
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